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Monolithic Sculptural Technique

By Garrett Connelly

Reviewed by Paul Sarnstrom

This book consists of 10 chapters that cover the following: Foundation, Walls, Girder Construction, Electrical and Plumbing, Columns and Pillars, Concrete Support Systems, Roof Construction, Septic Tank Design and Construction, Insulation and Outer Skin and Refrigeration and Heating.

The author states in the forward: ?Though there are specific construction details presented in this manual, additional discussion about subjects of technique, such as order of wire knots, can be found in the ferrocement.com manual ?Construction of Ferrocement Tanks?, it reads like a cook book and it?s good to have on hand during actual construction.?

While not a step-by-step, how-to book, it is well illustrated with many photos and drawings that cover details of rebar and mesh placement in foundations and walls, forming of girders and pillars, design strategies and more.

Garrett Connelly has built FC houses and tanks and draws from his years of experience in authoring this book. If you are interested in building a monolithic type of FC structure you will find many useful tips therein.

To purchase this book go to www.ferrocement.com

Paul Sarnstrom