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*General Information For Attendees

*Getting Around in Montrose*
Montrose is relatively easy to navigate. There are two main streets – Main St. and Townsend. Main St. runs roughly east-west and Townsend runs roughly north-south. To the north of Main St. the streets are numbered 1-9, i.e. north 1st St., north 2nd St., etc. To the south of Main St. the streets are numbered 1-12, i.e. south 1st St., south 2nd St. etc.

*FC Courses Times & Location*
Both the LFC course and the FC Faux Bois course will start at 9:00AM and finish at approximately 5:00PM on all days of the courses. There will be a break in the middle of the day for lunch.
Both FC courses will be held at 63355 Ida rd., the home of Howard Sarnstrom.


From the intersection of Townsend and Main St. proceed north on Townsend. As you go north you will pass the Montrose airport and towsend becomes highway 50. After the airport look for LaSalle rd. which is the last stoplight nortjhbound. The next right turn will be 6300 road. Turn right and continue up 6300 rd untill you come to a T intersection with Jade road. Turn right or east on Jade rd.after a short distance the road turn to the left and proceeds north. Continue north and turn left or west onto the gravel portion of Ida road. Within 200'-300' you will come to an ummarked, 4-way intersection. turn right and proceed about 100 yards to the class site. There will be a sign at the class site.

*Food in Montrose*
All food, meals and refreshments are the responsibility of the participants. We will have a nice break for lunch and you are welcome to bring food and eat at the class site or drive a few minutes and go to a restaurant in town.
There are many restaurants in Montrose ranging in price from very affordable to somewhat pricey. My two favorites for breakfast and lunch are Café 110, located at 110 N. Townsend, and the Daily Bread 1 block east of Townsend, on the corner of Main St and Cascade. They both have good prices and serve very good quality food with Café 110 a little more on the creative side. Montrose has a wide variety of restaraunts. If you want recommendations on restaurants in a specific price range or a specific style of food just ask me when you are here.

*Things to do in Montrose and the Area*

Immediately south of town is the Ute Indian Museum. Although relatively small this museum has the largest single collection of Ute artifacts. A few mile to the east lies the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the newest National Park, This canyon is about ½ mile deep, very dramatic and is not to be missed.  25-35 miles south lie the towns of Ridgway and Ouray. Both are fun little towns to walk around in and both have natural hot springs. Orvis hot springs is located about 1 mile south of Ridgway, has an indoor pool and hot tubs as well as an outdoor pond that is clothing optional. Ouray has a large, outdoor, public hot springs pool as well as hot springs in many of the hotels, most notably the Weisebaden which has a vapor cave. There are other attractions within an hour or so of Montrose. In addition the town of Telluride is about and hour and twenty minutes away. If you like outdoor activities and sight seeing you may want to allow some extra time to enjoy this beautiful area.  If you are looking for something in particular just ask

Contacting Me:
My home telephone number is 970-240-3317. The best time to reach me is evenings after 7:00PM mountain time and some mornings till 11:00AM.
If you have any questions or need further information please contact me by email or call my home number 970-240-3317
I look forward to meeting you.