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Author Topic: Raised bed planter Spring 2017 Rob'O's sand box  (Read 794 times)
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« on: June 01, 2017, 10:31:31 AM »

       Winter seems to be over here in beautiful Colorado on this first day of June and I am full on game to create FC projects and to get several classes up and running. I will be creating projects that communicate as well as serve as a functional creative works of art. The weekend after we had 8'' of snow I decided to get a raised bed garden set up and ready for planting in three days.  Here is how I love to" dance' with this medium we all refer to as Ferro-cement:
                                                                        THE IDEA         
    A planter box,- raised bed- four feet by 10 feet with receiver sockets to attach a hooped  covering for winter gardening, wind, hail, predators, intense sun heat etc.  Built with skills and intent to make this a long lasting functional work a piece of art while leaving options for creative additions such as some sculptures or bird baths... 

   Planning stage - A: what is the purpose of this project, for what purpose will it serve in my priority lists, priority factors, placement, time, materials, set up stations, drawings, on site lay out,(-sleep on it) consider  environmental issues, - commitment- cost and safety.
    Dream stage-B: Gather a large tablet or note book  ( 11"x14" is my preference) for this is where you open up the " dance"  floor and let it loose-create- pencil in hand and the canvas lit up. Now we list questions such as - What would this space look like with this feature here or there?  Do draw it out on the canvas, place some stakes and string, site in with a level, walk around do some more drawing making your lists as organized as possible.
   Commitment stage-C:  (this is the part you decide that you want this to happen and you can nearly see clearly end product. --- so we back up and select how we got there!  On the page we take the first step considering -the Time, materials, tools, stations-(mixing, staging tools, materials) - power, water, trash,
  Environmental plans for rain, sun, wind. --and wild rabbits...
     Action/change stage-D:  Sub products: ( a list of materials to purchase and those on hand) calendar -blocks of time and ORGANIZATION - This is where any projects that I do makes for a fun adventure that is  the better organized and cleaner the site is the more  the project becomes !
      I am in the action stage with all sub products on site, stations being set up and ready for creative mode. When I can figure out how to post pictures I’ll share this Ferro cement raised bed garden project with all. If you have any questions or comments feel free ask and this invite to play in my sand box is open to all!
   All my best, Rob'O

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« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2017, 10:32:41 PM »

Good morning -Just a few notes to share on this beautiful morning in Colorado where the Sunset takes your breath away and the Morning rise gives it back. Another exciting day it is for me  to play with mudd.
     In my classes I teach the students how to dance with this medium in a fun and energetic way. Part of this dance with F-C from my perspective is that by understanding the basic principles of placement, structure design, materials and tools all coupled together with the organization of resources and the 'hands on' knowledge of the techniques and placement of sequences to have a successful project completed. These steps are reinforced with confidence gained from experience and well-founded procedures and skills. With some motivation and work ethic dialed in -- then one can create reasonable projects that can become a personal joyous adventure with a great feeling of purpose and heart- felt accomplishment.
  All materials are on site and staging areas are set up for a good flow of production and the site has been modified to accept this planter.   
      Action mode DAY I- So  my plan is to build the forms and secure in place leaving one opened end because the forms are 8 ft. long we are building to 10 ft. I will scratch coat leaving  first section with about 1 ft. un-mudded overlap for the end cap to tie in. I’ll scratch  out base coat  to about 7 ft.  My seedlings are excited to get planted.
 Cheers all                                                         
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« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2017, 02:28:51 PM »

This is the same me, Rob_ and Rob'O  but this posting is from my phone in the field and sent  from my phones computer.
  Just a note on basic armature ( the steel/ ferro) in your design and planning: We have a great selection of materials that are used in garden art sculptures. These first few projects I'm posting  we will be using simple well founded techniques as our basics  incorporated in most procedures. Armature building garden art  can become very creative with a wide varity of materials. Ill cover part of this in this posttings. This raised bed planter is basically on the ground with little excavation and when finished will be sound and very solid. The  cementious materials flow with intent as it is embedded in the matrix. Thanks for stopping over
 Cheers Rob'O
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