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Photo 22

Talk about getting 'at one' with the work, I'm 'into it'. Notice thealuminum angle as edge forms for crisp corners. You can get away with lessprecision if you somehow strike clean edge lines on your work. The angle iswaxed and then tie-wired in place to the mesh, to be removed after ECCplacement and cure. Notice how they hang loose until packed with ECC. That'sto give the precise space for the ECC to cover the mesh. You can see plasticsheeting under the plywood, it's covering the exposed mesh to slow therusting in the rains we had been having. I used that plastic later to coverour newly troweled ECC steps too. I didn't want plywood to sit on the curingECC sucking moisture. The pipe plug is protecting the threaded stainlesscoupling inside the ECC. That coupling is the means of attachment for ahandrail should one be desired. The clamps are holding more aluminum angleserving as crisp forms where mud will meet the steel plate brackets.

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