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Doug Lacy window & wall fill photos

Upper Left -- This picture illustrates many phases at one time. A tarp was placed over the armature to protect thin shell cement from wind and sun for a better control of curing conditions. The sculpted windows were just mudded in and I was still formulating a mix and plan that would help the plaster stick over head which is why you see the hose attached to the inside of the arch. This hose was used as a screed point for the first few bands of concrete so the exact thickness could be gauged with some precision for the rest of the hand applied cement.

Upper Right -- This is just after the inside shell overhead plastering was complete. Fluffling the mix with the expanded Mearlcell 3132 a little made this overhead plastering stick without comprimising the strength of the shell. These seashell slice windows represent part of the Healing and Evolutionary Architecture theme I wanted to demonstrate in this home.

Lower Left -- This is the inside of the wall after I began filling it with cellular concrete.

curve armature Jana yard.jpg douglacy1.jpg douglacy2.jpg douglacy3.jpg fryxal complete good.jpg
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