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Colin's LFC connection 732 viewsThe x's represent expanded metal seen on edge. The 1"x1" welded
wire mesh is represented by lines and adjacent tiny circles. The arrows
indicate the direction in which the "tabs" of expanded metal are pushed
into the coved
hollow ferro cement retaining wall1144 views
This is the rough work completed721 views
Photo 211294 viewsPictured from the left is myself and my son Dan. We have just completed thelast step. In work sequence I chose to mud the bottom step first, then startfrom the top and work down, because the bottom step appeared most forgivingfor the learning curve. We were using untried PVA rec15 fibers in our mix,pushing this through layers of 1/4" woven wire steel mesh, a potentialnightmare. The lowest step is the easiest to reach, rests firmly on anon-flexing concrete foundation, is small in volume, and has a minimum ofunderside to hand finish. The other four are flexible, larger, and have alot of underside to finish. To begin with I wanted the best chance to adjustour mix and application methods, and clock the application time beforetackling the more critical stair steps.
Placing the Rebar1664 viewsAs the curved horizontal supports and being introduced we simply used spike wire to attach the rebar to the verticle supports. The verticle supports were every 4' and had a poured concrete footer of one cubic foot.
Photo 14953 viewsUsing a level and tape measure I carefully tack welded each step to each bracket with little vertical pieces of 3/16th, being careful to get each step leveled left to right, tilted forward 1/4" in 12" (for water runoff), and exactly 7-1/2" above one another. I also filled rod in under the ends of each. I can still stick weld rod faster than Benihana can chop meat at your table, but this work had to be exact.
Full Curved FC Gate1664 viewsTwo ferrocement curved structures come together at a central steel gate. The FC structure is made from welded 3/8" rebar, 6x6x10 welded wire mesh, and expanded metal lath. The lath has not been sprayed with any mortar/plaster in this photo.
Frame for mirror745 views

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1297 viewsAfter bolting and welding the roofs from outside, I begin to cut doorways.Aug 27, 2011
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