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Parabolic Stress-Skin Home, Structures and Walls

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Random files - doug's Gallery
lacy doug bending wire 2.jpg
Folder Apperatus in Action2341 viewsDoug Smith is placing the holder foot onto a length of steel for folding. The holder is lock into place by sliding under the two bolts on the center stationary portion of the folder. Although this rig is set up for doing 6 inch wire blocks, repositionin the foot an extra time to do 12 inch by 5 foot blocks turned out to not cost extra time.
Bender Resized.jpg
Remesh Block Making Tool2026 viewsThis is a better Picture of the Remesh folder
arch nicho.jpg
Nicho Armature1869 viewsThis is an example of a Nicho with recessed electrical for lamp.
hinge pin reinforcing close up.jpg
Hinge Pin Hardware Mounting3082 viewsThis form enabled the hinge pin for this gate to be burried in 6 inches of high-strength concrete. A tension metal wire ties the end of the pin down to provide extra reinforcing.
outside arch address.jpg
Archway entry2314 viewsThese Arches a very solid and easy to make. They are also hollow but get their extra rigidy because of their thickness.
lacy doug applying mix to wall.jpg
Plastering Armature2811 viewsAvelino and Zane plastering and Doug Smith stirring the mix. The bench details did not slow the guys down much.
lacy doug bending wire 1.jpg
Folder in Action2388 views
Doug Lacy window & wall fill photos3423 viewsUpper Left -- This picture illustrates many phases at one time. A tarp was placed over the armature to protect thin shell cement from wind and sun for a better control of curing conditions. The sculpted windows were just mudded in and I was still formulating a mix and plan that would help the plaster stick over head which is why you see the hose attached to the inside of the arch. This hose was used as a screed point for the first few bands of concrete so the exact thickness could be gauged with some precision for the rest of the hand applied cement.

Upper Right -- This is just after the inside shell overhead plastering was complete. Fluffling the mix with the expanded Mearlcell 3132 a little made this overhead plastering stick without comprimising the strength of the shell. These seashell slice windows represent part of the Healing and Evolutionary Architecture theme I wanted to demonstrate in this home.

Lower Left -- This is the inside of the wall after I began filling it with cellular concrete.

Last additions - doug's Gallery
outside arch address.jpg
Archway entry2314 viewsThese Arches a very solid and easy to make. They are also hollow but get their extra rigidy because of their thickness.Jul 12, 2006
outside seashells.jpg
Sea Shell Windows Outside2545 viewsSeashell sculpture in windows on North East side to difuse indirect light into the upstairs room. Jul 12, 2006
Home3001 viewsThis is the stress-skin construction home I did in 2003. Jul 12, 2006
nicho truck.jpg
Nicho3242 viewsThese Nicho's Provided stability but it should not be assumed that plastering the underside of these is quick and easy for a plaster crew. The topside portion of these details should be plastered by reaching inside the wall through an opening.Jul 12, 2006
park glass wall.jpg
Fluid Shape2865 viewsThis wall was filled with 25 tons of glass before the surface shells were applied. The nice distortions on the surface were caused by heavy glass getting stuck on the remesh blocks that were layed in laterally instead of vertically. The lateral blocks restricted the size of the openings for the glass to fall and the armature bowed outward under the weight because their were long horizontal runs that had no cross tension supports. All good though. This wall is now the focus of a big mural project.Jul 12, 2006
corner slope.jpg
Strong Corner2370 viewsThese shorter stretches of wall needed no exterior supports because of the supporting corner and short spans of straight wall.Jul 12, 2006
curve armature Jana yard.jpg
Curve Armature2678 viewsThese long Stress-Skin Curves are provide more stability over a longer stretch than sharp corners.Jul 12, 2006
bench butress clay stove.jpg
Bench Butress Supports2283 viewsThis bench and butress were designed to provide axel load reinforcing for the long straight walls to protect the wall from high winds.Jul 12, 2006