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Annti Lovag


These photos are of the home of Christian and Helene Roux in Fontaines-sur-Saone France. These photos were taken by JB Emond and given to me by Christian and Helene. This house was designed by Annti Lovag and constructed by Christian and Helene during a 7 year period. The house has beautiful details and exhibits fine craftsmanship throughout. One of the most novel features is the ability of the dining room bubble to be opened and swung outside permitting diners to enjoy a meal outdoors during nice weather.

Christian and Helene were my hosts in May of 2001 during which time I spent a week with Annti Lovag and toured 5 of his houses. I am very grateful for their assistance in making that trip possible.

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Milenko Milinkovich


In May of 2001 I was the guest of Milenko Milenkovich at his home outside of Belgrade. Milenko has been working with FC for 30 years and has built a beautiful FC, solar powered home. In addition he has devised a system of casting FC panels and using them to build Sports Halls. I want to personally thank Milenko for his kindness in hosting me and showing me his amaizing FC work.

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FC Faux Bois Class 2008


The following are examples of student's work from the 2008 FC Faux Bois class. Please note: These photos were taken after most of the carving was completed but prior to coloring the pieces with acid stains. By careful staining these pieces will look just like weathered wood.

My sincere thanks to Don Tucker for teaching this class and sharing his expertise.

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Solar House Function - Summer Day1067 viewsThe back of the house is earth bermed [shaded area of drawing]. The rock storage chamber can be seen under and extending to the rear and sides of the platform for the spiral staircase. Colored arrows show the airflow pattern.
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