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Mortar Sprayer Plans

mortar sprayerNow Available as our special Thank you. Receive plans, instructions, mix suggestions, and information on building and using this simple mortar sprayer with your donation of $10 to the Ferrocement Educational Network. The plans, photos, instructions and other information will be emailed to you when we receive the notification of your donation. Just click the Button below. Thank You for your support of the Ferrocement Educational Network.


The Ferrocement Educational Network is a non-commercial,  not-for profit, educational organization. The FEN is dedicated to serving educational needs in the field of ferrocement [also spelled ferro-cement and ferro cement].

The FEN, this website, and its associated discussion area, the FC Forum, is dedicated to the detailed collection, dissemination, and discussion of ferrocement technology.

To correct any factual errors or to inform me of any ferrocement information, please

Paul Sarnstrom -- Director Ferrocement Educational Network


Many valuable resources, lots of educational material, and examples are available in the LINKS section of this website. Much of this has been contributed to the FEN by both experts and experimenters in the field of FC.

The FEN greatly appreciates authors who publish FC related papers on this website. As users you can show your appreciation to the author by contacting them and thanking them for sharing.

The FEN strongly encourages anyone who wants to share FC information with others to contact the FEN concerning publication. These papers can be from FC engineers, architects, builders, sculptors or anyone that uses FC.

Thank you,

Paul Sarnstrom, director

Ferrocement Educational Network