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The Ferrocement Historical Archives consist of in excess of 24000 messages that have been posted to the Ferrocement discussion list from 1999 through 2007 . (Messages that have been posted for 2008 will be included soon) The Historical Archive contains a wealth of information about ferrocement and related techniques. To view the Historical Archive messages just click View the Archives here or in the box at the top right of the screen. Unlike the previous archives these messages are stored in a mysql database which enables much better response time and better search capabilities.

This historical archive section includes an extensive search function which will allow you to search the content of all the messages for keywords or phrases enabling you to quickly and easily find the information contained here. If you find these features useful it is requested that you find it in your heart to make a financial contribution to The Ferrocement Educational Network, a not-for-profit educational organization registered in the state of Colorado. Help the Ferrocement Educational Network support the use of ferrocement worldwide. Your contribution will further the educational efforts of this organization worldwide. It is our goal to educate people in the economical uses of ferrocement and to provide the techinical support to further their education. You can use the links above to go to the shopping cart and donate or you can click the paypal button below for a streamlined payment. Thank you.