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Search for "ferrocement" -- Find: o Ferrocement : Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Ferrocement Umist, Manchester, 6-9 September 1994, P. J. Nedwell(Editor), R. N. Swamy (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995, $104.50; o Ferrocement Water Tanks and Their Construction (118P), S.B. Watt / Paperback / Published 1978, $17.50; o Guide for the Design Construction and Repair of Ferrocement, Aci Committee 549 / Paperback / Published 1988, $29.25; o Septic Tanks and Aqua-Privies from Ferrocement, Simon B. Watt / Paperback / Published 1984, $15.50; o Thin Section Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Ferrocement (Sp 124), J.I. Daniel, S.P. Shah / Paperback / Published 1991, $34.75;

Journal of Cement and Concrete Composites

Has abstracts of the Journal of Ferrocement o RILEM/Proceedings of International Symposium on Ferrocement, Bergamo, Italy, July 2224, 1981. o Proceedings of Colloquium and Session of Commissions IASS and RILEM on Ferrocement, Moscow, USSR, Oct. 1983 o Proceedings of Third American Masonry Conference, University of Texas at Arlington, June 35, 1985. o Proceedings of Second International Symposium on Ferrocement, Bangkok, Thailand, Jan. 1416, 1985. o Proceedings of 8th International Brick/Block Masonry Conference, Dublin, Ireland, Vol. 2, September 1921, 1988.