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13 foot Ferrocement Storm Shelter

Photos and plans for a 13' Ferrocement Storm Shelter

Bo Atkinson's - Computer Rendered Domes, etc.

This page has some lovely computer rendered ideas for domes and various other things.Also the kitchen cabinet is shown again at the bottom of the page.

Bo Atkinson's - Concrete Counter and shelving

This page has sculptures as well as the concrete kitchen unit which is at the bottom right of the page.

Bo Atkinson's - Transluscent Dome House

Several photos of Bo's house with the translucent dome.Construction ideas and photos as well as the finished house.

Bo Atkinson's Ringforcement Page

A postulated synergy of ferrocement, concrete, masonry and curved construction, a combined building method.A discussion of using rings for reinforcement.Also computer renderings.

Case study 8 on water tanks

Factory made tanks, 1 to 25m cubic metre capacity, New Zealand.

Case Study ferrocement water tank

Case Study. 10m3 ferrocement tank, Nagercoil, IndiaThis RWH system is an example of a suburban solution to inadequate water supply from the municipal authorities.

Case Study on Water Tank

Case Study 7 10 cubic metre ferrocement water tank using former.

Dungeness Dragon Farm

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a concrete birdbath.

Environmental Aesthetics Inc.

Specialists in man made rocks, waterfalls, fountains, etc.

Exhibition Building, Turin

FC used in this building.Photos and info.

Ferrocement Cistern

Paper on a ferrocement cistern project.

A great site with lots of interesting links.

Flying Concrete

Steve Kornher's site showcasing his home and other projects he has done.

Flying Concrete - Vaults

A great site with lots of info on barrel vaults. Instructions on building them, costs, interior photos etc.

Garden Art Forum

This guy is a cement artist [as in neat cement with additives]. He does some realistic work.His site has material on FC, hypertufa, concrete etc. for garden art.

Growing your own Home

Natural Buildings for Natural Gardeners

Gypsy Farm

Patrick Newberry's Gypsyfarm site.A sort of diary in words and photos of the building of his house.

How to build a Concrete Dome

Step by step instructions on how to build a concrete dome.

This is a french site with some very psychedellic flash video of anti lovag houses and other things. You will get to the videos if you move your mouse over the coocoo clock and the blue bird will fly out and a new page will load. Probably more infomative if you know some french but entertaining either way.

Hypar Diagrams

Diagrams of a Hypar. Although not strictly ferrocement can be adapted to ferrocement. Sort of like a blueprint for a Hypar.

Intact Structures

Owen Waldschlagle has developed a unique FC structure. The simplified design is incredibly strong. Water catchment and storage is integrated with the overall design.

Mountain View Domes - Airforms

Detailed Information on making airforms

Pacific Gunite

Ferro watertanks, spas, rocks and more.

Quick Ferrocement Storage Structure -- Paul Sarnstrom

This is a paper describing the construction of a ferrocement storage building utilizing pvc pipe and a fabric overlay to support the ferrocement.

T.P. Singh's Dome Article and photos

A successful case history of the construction of the main dome (22' dia) for a Sikh temple, including photos of construction methods, descriptions of methods, mixes and design.

Types & Forms Of Shell Structures

For those of you interested in FC shell-type structures, this is a place for excellant ideas on principles and design of shells.